• by Chris Hall
    While Courtney Pine led out the new avant garde, it was time to take stock of the old timersIt’s an archetypal jazz shot on the cover of the Observer Magazine of 15 February 1987, a grainy Thelonius Monk, one of the great originals, wreathed in smoke and lost in music (‘Player Kings and all that […]
  • by Dave Gelly
    (Rivermont)Works by Jelly Roll Morton and other early 20th-century piano greats just fly in the hands of this 21st-century virtuosoIf anyone is going to succeed in rescuing good music from the ghetto called “early jazz”, it will be the pianist Andrew Oliver. I wouldn’t go so far as one critic, who claimed that Oliver was […]
  • by Interview by Timi Sotire
    The Manchester rapper imagines 48 hours in Ibiza surrounded by Black Coffee, Megan Thee Stallion and her own octopus recipeDefinitely Ibiza. The beaches, weather, vibe and people are just so correct. People need to experience a hot country that has the energy that Ibiza has. It’s my favourite place in the world – I’ve spent […]
  • by Letters
    Annie Ross | Recipes | Job titles | Brexit | Oxford graffiti Your obituary for the brilliant Annie Ross (27 July) reminded me of a production of The Threepenny Opera I was lucky enough to see in London in the mid-60s. Directed by Tony Richardson, it starred the extraordinary threesome of Annie, Barbara Windsor and […]
  • by Frances Bettsworth
    My friend and former teacher Bill Davies, who has died aged 83, was a well-known south Wales trumpeter. A founder member of the Constellation Big Band, he was known for his ability with high notes and his melodious “Harry James” style.He was born and lived in Lamb Street, Swansea, until he and his mother, Eileen […]
  • by Vanessa Okoth-Obbo
    Simone’s prowess on the piano and her exceptional baritone were intact, but this show can be tough to watch for the uninitiated Read all of the pieces in this seriesThe enduring image of Nina Simone is one of a sharp, radical, no-nonsense artist. But on stage at the Montreux Jazz festival in 1976, dressed in […]
  • by Alexis Petridis
    The 83-year-old is heralded by everyone from Bono to Basquiat for his ‘fourth world’ vision for music – and pop has caught up with himCrackling down a phone line from Los Angeles, Jon Hassell apologises in advance. Now 83, the multi-instrumentalist and composer – a hero of Brian Eno, Björk, Bono, Jean-Michel Basquiat and others […]
  • by Sam Peters
    28 July 1970 Stretching the formula of soloist over rhythm section to its limits, this is the postgraduate course for students of jazz-rock When rock first thumped into the hit parade and revitalised pop music, jazz musicians ignored it in the hope that it would go away and die. Fifteen years on, the fusion of […]